About us

We would think that most people could sell a boat but not everybody is able to repair one - thankfully, we can!

You may not have the time to spare or the inclination to spend your time on cleaning and maintenance so why not let our company do this for you. TC Marine Service are more than willing to take care of this work for you whenever you are not on board. Or, you may simply want your boat prepared, ready for the next trip you are planning.

Once the sun is shining boat owners start to think of the coming season, the season they hope to enjoy. To make sure you have a happy season and do not have any unexpected mishaps, make sure you allow enough time for boat preparation and maintenance.

If you make sure your boat is thoroughly checked and maintained regularly then you should be able to anticipate nothing happening to spoil your fun. It is much better to store and do necessary maintenance at the end of the season than have to face a lot of work at the beginning of the next season.

When your boat is returned to the water again, everything must be checked. All electrical appliances and lights must be tested to make sure they are functioning properly. Is the bilge pump working correctly, are all the navigational devices also functioning efficiently? The battery water has to be checked and refilled. Is the windlass working? Are all the displays and instruments working accurately? What about the fridge, pantry, lavatory? Also is the fluid level in the engine bay adequate? Does the charger work?

There are many other things besides the ones mentioned above that have to be checked before you can safely venture out into the open sea.

It is our pleasure to do this and more for you and if you want to you can even watch us doing the work, or even help.